How $30 and a Firefighters Invention Could Save Your Life

Summer was nearing it's end, the kids were days away from returning to school, and my husband was enjoying his final days of summer grilling by the pool. 

One evening, as we usually do, I filled up the pool floats, got the kids in their bathing suites, and my wonderful husband starts the burgers before I even have to ask him too. This was without question the sunniest day we had all year. Not a cloud in the sky. Just a picture perfect day.

Later that night, I had a very uncomfortable feeling in my throat. It felt like a sore throat at first. It quickly turned into very serious pain keeping me up. The sore throat turned into what I'd imagine swallowing a piece of glass would feel like. 

I wish someone would've told me that over 130 people a year end up in the emergency room after swallowing a bristle from a grill brush in the United States alone.

As you can see from my x-ray, not a pretty sight. 

My search for a better way to clean the grill

Naturally, I never wanted to see another grill brush ever again. The problem was, the other solutions that I could find just weren't good enough. 

The first option I found was a different style of wire grill brush that claimed the bristles wouldn't fall off. Guess what the very first review I read was? You guessed it, the bristles fell off.

Then I found a nylon bristle brush. Although metal is probably worse, I also would prefer not to swallow a nylon bristle. The list of poor choices goes on and on. I couldn't believe there was nothing else.

Fast forward 3 years of just not allowing my husband to use the grill, I get tagged in a post on Facebook from a close friend. It was a story just like mine about a CHILD swallowing a grill brush bristle. I sifted through the thousands of comments on the video (mostly rude to my surprise) and found the one miracle comment I've been searching 3 years for...

Eureka! This firefighter from Florida made a brush to tackle this exact problem. I couldn't believe someone finally did it. 

However, I would be lying if I didn't say I wasn't skeptical. I really didn't expect it to work. 

Boy, was I wrong.

I’ll put it this way: The Grill Rescue Brush is hands down what anyone who owns a grill needs. 

I had never heard of the grill brush bristle injuries before my accident, but now I know far too many people that it's happened too. This brush gets wet and steam cleans the grill. IT JUST MAKES SENSE!

Here's a pic of my husband using it. I won't let my husband go anywhere near those metal bristles.

So why does Grill Rescue work while other solutions don't?

Until I tried it, I didn't understand how the steam would "melt grime away" like all the reviews said. But that's exactly what Grill Rescue does. It destroys anything built up on your grill grates. 

The reason it works so well is because the heat from your grill loosens the grime up, but no other grill brush can handle heat over 400 degrees. Grill Rescue is made out of a super tough heat resistant material (same stuff used in firefighter gear) so it can handle wiping away gunk on a grill that's that hot. 

I've learned that if you try to clean a hot grill with a metal bristle brush, it's actually worse. The holes where the bristles are set in expand in the heat, causing more bristles to fall out!

The CDC warns about this exact thing, but for some reason the big grilling companies aren't doing anything to spread the word or make wire bristle brushes illegal.

I’m so grateful for Grill Rescue – it seriously changed my life.

If it weren't for this awesome new grill brush, I'd probably still be avoiding every BBQ and outdoor gathering in fear of this happening to me again. I'm so thankful to eat my steaks and burgers off the grill instead of in the oven or on the stove like I had been doing the last 3 years.

If this has happened to you, or you're just simply looking for the best grill brush on the market, I can't recommend Grill Rescue enough.


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