World's Safest Grill Brush - No Harmful Wire Bristles

Every purchase helps first responders

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Rescue Pro is the highest-quality, most premium way to clean your grill and keep your family safe. Long gone are the days of cheap, rusty bristle brushes that drop metal wires into your food. Now are the days of Rescue Pro with features that your grill has been asking for.

  • Built-in Hanger for easy storage

  • Modern, sleek black design

  • Heat-resistant, strong polypropylene handle

  • Water Dispersion Technology makes it hold 50% more water

  • Tougher and long-lasting foam

  • Grill Grate Notch Built-in on the scraper

  • Thick aramid fiber for long-lasting durability

  • Thick inclined scraper manufactured for dual-action cleaning

  • World's Best Grill Brush

  • Uses Steam To Clean

  • No Harmful Wire Bristles

  • Dishwasher Friendly

  • Exceptional Clean

  • Long Lifespan

  • 250,000+ Verified Purchases

  • PATENTED D945728 / D945729 / D945730 / D946850

  • WARNING: Use hand and eye protection while handling.


• 1 Rescue Pro Handle
• 2 Rescue Pro Heads

Redefining the grill brush.

By far the safest and most effective grill brush on the market.

Meet Rescue Pro

Curious to witness the excitement for yourself? Your search ends here.

Created by a Firefighter

Flames are our forte. Rescue Pro emerged from a firefighter's expertise – the ideal person for fire-related matters. Packed with top-notch materials, it truly earns the title of the World's Best Grill Brush.

CAUTION - STARTLING FACT: Over a 12-year period, approximately 1,698 grill brush injuries occurred in the United States alone. That's an average of over 130 injuries per year in just one country. Could you be the next victim of wire bristle consumption?

Truly the World's Best

Truly the World's Best

Every grill brush hurdle conquered, birthing your deepest desire. We're dead serious.

Rescue Pro pioneers a new way – steam cleans, skips harsh scrubbing. Its cutting-edge scraper tackles tough grime, the heat-resistant head uses steam for flawlessness.

Rescue Pro isn't just a savior, but the ultimate contender for the world's top grill brush!

Premium Construction

Our unwavering precision ensures that Rescue Pro is the pinnacle for grill maintenance. From the robust handle to the deluxe cleaning head and thick rust-defying scraper, you own top-tier quality.

Wave goodbye to laborious grill scrubbing. With Rescue Pro, steam power disintegrates stubborn residue in seconds, leaving you delighted.

Compare Rescue Pro

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Type Of Grill Brush

Rescue Pro

Wire Brushes

Wood Scraper

Won't Send You To The Emergency Room

Doesn’t Leave A Residue On Your Grill

Doesn’t fall offand get stuckin your food

Cleans exceptionally well

Uses steam to clean

Has a longlife span

Dishwasher friendly

Can use on a hot surface

Doesn’t get clogged with grease and grime

See Why People Love Rescue Pro


Why Choose Rescue Pro?

Without a doubt, Rescue Pro stands as the finest grill brush in the world.


Your traditional wire bristle brush can shed those sharp metal bristles and can get left on the grates while cleaning. They can end up in food causing some serious injuries resulting in surgery.

It Actually Works

The best thing about Rescue Pro is that it actually works! Your current grill cleaner is probably a metal bristle, wooden scraper, stone powered rock, or something else that requires accessible force that just doesn't work.

Good Cause

In our opinion, the most significant thing we do is give back. Not only do we truly create the best of the best products on the market, we also donate to first responders in need through our foundation. We are built with strong roots on giving back to those in need.

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